• Wireless Technologies

  • As usage of smart phones and tablets continue to gain in popularity, the trend towards BYOD (bring your own device) continues to gain momentum. Wireless networks that were once designed to support a few laptop computers must now routinely host a wide range of mobile devices including smartphones, tablet computers, and e-readers, o en with these devices running bandwidth-intensive applications such as video. As a result, IT administrators are increasingly faced with the challenge of how to design and deploy a wireless network that can accommodate the exponential growth in network devices and applications. 

    There are two basic types of deployment models in wireless: coverage and capacity based. In a coverage based wireless design, the goal is to provide good quality of service (in terms of RF signal strength) in as much of the area as possible with a single or multiple access points. The second type of wireless deployment is referred to as capacity based. In this type of deployment, the goal is to provide good quality wireless service to a concentrated set of concurrent users in a confined area. When you have a large number of users accessing Wi-Fi and demanding throughput at the same time, it is considered to be a high density area. As a general rule of thumb, when there are 25 to 30 active users in a coverage area served by a single AP (approximately 500 to 1,000 square feet), then you will need to design your wireless network using some of the high density best practices. 

    As BYOD becomes a way of life, wireless networks must be-designed to accommodate significant increases in the amount of trafic generated . In high density environments, the demands on throughput are often exacerbated by users carrying two or three devices using multiple applications that consume network resources simultaneously. The key to a successful wireless deployment is first understanding whether your environment is coverage or capacity based. Once you assess the parameters based on the deployment scenario should ensure suficient bandwidth capacity to deliver a positive experience for end users. 

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