• Managed IT

  • IT as a Service (ITaaS)

    More and more businesses are transitioning to outsourced IT support due to the quality services and lower costs. The transformation of an internal IT organization from operating as a cost-center to an ITaaS model is believed to produce improved levels of business agility for the enterprise as a whole. The IT service provider will place great emphasis on the needs and the outcomes required by the business to improve employee productivity and improving the revenue and profitability of your business. The benefits of using the ITaaS model include the standardization and simplification of products delivered by IT, improved financial transparency and increased IT operational efficiency. 

    Managed IT Services is a defined set of services that enable your technology to operate reliably and within budget. Our Managed Information Technology product is designed to optimize your technology investment and maximize the productivity of your people and business. Technology management should go far beyond simple monitoring or responding to the next crisis.

    Tesys Networks has been providing Information Technology (IT) Consulting, Design, Implementation and Support since 1999, it has a documented history of integrity, excellent service, and reliability; our experts average 20 years of IT-related experience and our main priority is to become and IT Consulting resource and a trusted partner for our customers. 

    Our dedicated team of Engineers, IT specialists and Support technicians will work with you and find the solutions that better meet your requirements and budget and will be available to support, improve and scale your IT environment 24/7/365 delivering an excellent customer service experience.