• CyberSecurity

  • Security breaches and cyber attacks cost businesses billions in lost revenue and recovery costs every year. Tesys offers a full menu of security and encryption services to help keep your network free of threats that cause breaches of data or lost productivity. IT faces intense pressure to address the threats while also meeting compliance requirements. Taking on the challenge to ensure security and protect information requires investments in advanced technologies.

    With Tesys’s expert guidance and protective measures, our Security Consultants work with clients to build security that addresses their specific needs. We also help to develop internal security policies that coexist with rules and regulations specific to certain industries of governmental regulations.

    Tesys helps you establish technical and non-technical cyber security controls and practices. This allows you to prevent, detect, correct, and minimize the risk of loss or damage to information resources, disruption of access to information resources, and unauthorized disclosure of information. We help you achieve this by designing, implementing and maintaining a range of sound information security solutions that ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive information by preventing unauthorized access and modification while also ensuring the accuracy, reliability and completeness of the information