• Data Center and Cloud Management

  • Businesses today work from the cloud. Employees log on from remote locations like hotels, homes, and client offices. Many applications are now hosted “out there” on the cloud, and are accessible from anywhere. Tesys provides a robust array of implementation, migrations, asset management, and protective measures to ensure your cloud-based business interests are productive, secure, and strong.

    We can help your organization navigate the troubled waters of cloud computing by offering:

    • Dedicated cloud server for domain controller and cloud file storage synced to a local, lightweight Windows server acting as a local domain controller and centralized local file storage
    • Dedicated cloud application server to deliver applications via multiple protocols
    • Secondary independent vendor used for replicating cloud-to-cloud backups
    • Workstations and cloud servers managed by Tesys
    • Enterprise-grade VPN firewall utilizing heavy encryption and security to access cloud resources
    • Mobile users supported by SSL VPN to cloud and local resources
    • Backed up with local support 
  • Plan for Unexpected Issues

    Tesys will verify the quality of the cloud provider, including the Service Level Agreement(s), whether they have redundant facilities (such as power and Internet connectivity), the process for handling outages and failures, location of support personnel, and we’ll work with you to establish a secondary Internet failover connection for maximum availability in case of a failure of the primary connection. 

    We’ll configure and verify cloud server backups, ensuring data is stored in multiple locations.  An individualized disaster recovery plan will be designed to allow your organization to remain operational in an unforeseen scenario and our experts will help you determine which data/services should be moved to a cloud environment and which should remain on-premise

  • No Long Wait for Data Recovery

    Backup and Data recovery is a vital asset to business continuity. Our company work with leading manufacturers who develop archival solutions, then strategize with clients to assess their existing backup solutions and we recommend an efficient solution that best suits to the client’s needs including backup to disk, online archiving, and backup and data recovery management to enable peace of mind to the organization.